A Tormented Mind

My mind,
tormented and
Memories that won’t
stop coming.

Launched from the darkness
of a locked cavern
deep within,
straight into my mind’s eye
clearly as the
day it happened.
My soul
is worn and tired.
My heart
fragmented and aching.
A childhood of abuse;
the details
once lost
in time,
Such a beautiful protection
from the horrors
of reality;
a protection that
is failing.
The cavern door
is open,
the darkness,
searching for light …
and I am holding on for the ride.


4 thoughts on “A Tormented Mind

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  1. I “like” your poem’s imagery, technique and style. I don’t “like” that you must face this anguish. Hopefully, with the community you have on your blog, and beyond, you’ll know you’re not alone, and find the peace you deserve.

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  2. I thought I had an idea of the horrors. With every piece you write, I get another clue of how clueless I have been. I am so glad you are connecting with people who can help you and who you can help. What a great community you are building here and the knowledge you are sharing will help many, many more.

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