Breaking the Silence

I open my mouth to speak,
no sound comes out.
My young mind,
a whirlwind of thoughts,
and emotions.
I want to scream,
anything to break
the silence.
This silence is so deafening,
and dangerous.
it destroys pieces of my soul.
Protect him,
the secrets,
the lies,
the facade of a perfect family.
Under the surface,
forbidden pleasure.
A child’s body
so young,
so innocent.
Years pass,
secrets uncovered,
lies untold,
the perfect family broken,
with a single gunshot.
so decisive,
and intended
certain and executed.
Not tentative,
like my voice.
No justice,
no closure.
Now, decades later,
I open my mouth again,
and I hear the sound of my voice,
as it resonates
in the darkness
searching for light,
searching for life.
My voice may shake,
but I will tell my story.


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