Motherless Daughter

What an unfair world it is, that takes a mother from her child at birth. Leaving a baby girl without the love, warmth, and protection, only a mother can give. No goodnight kisses, no snuggles on the couch, no cooking lessons, or shoulders to cry on. I'll never hear her advice about boys, makeup, or... Continue Reading →


A Tormented Mind

My mind, tormented and fatigued by memories. Memories that won’t stop coming. Launched from the darkness of a locked cavern deep within, straight into my mind’s eye clearly as the day it happened. My soul is worn and tired. My heart fragmented and aching. A childhood of abuse; the details once lost in time, and... Continue Reading →


It was just sitting on the kitchen table; no one around to tell me not to touch it. How young must I have been not to know? So I grabbed it, I was curious. Soldering irons are normally kept anywhere from 500° to 700° degrees. I remember immediately pulling my hand to my chest and... Continue Reading →

A Flower Blooms

So young; shy; quiet; her voice often lost on the wind. Reserved; withdrawn; lonely; her feelings often ignored. Broken; imperfect; defeated; her sense of self only an essence of what she could have been. Now, like a blooming flower, with the sunlight touching her soul; she will come back to life and recovery will begin.... Continue Reading →

The Woods

I must leave a trail, an escape, a way back to safety. Just like Hansel and Gretel, I will leave a trail of crumbs. Still, they were caught by the witch. Their trail did not work. Safety did not exist. I know that witches are not real. But monsters are. In human form. Upstanding in... Continue Reading →

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